Friday, May 24, 2013

Dog fouling

We've had information about an increase in dog fouling in parts of Old Sarum, both on open areas such as the new Country Park, and on people's front lawns.
It is an offence for a dog owner not to immediately clear up after their dog has fouled in most open areas. Dog faeces left on the ground is not only unsightly and anti-social, but also a potential health risk to young children.
Dog owners should bag the faeces and either take it home or place it in a litter bin. Old Sarum has no special bins for dog faeces, but as long as the faeces has been bagged it can be placed in normal litter bins.
The Residents' Association will be pursuing getting signs put up around the estate to remind dog owners to clean up after their pets. If you know of any areas that are particularly problematic for fouling, do get in touch with us to help us put signs in the most effective places.
The enforcement of dog fouling is part of the role of Wiltshire Council's Dog Warden, and you can report instances to them on 0300 456 0100. Responsibility for cleaning up the mess falls to their Street Care Team, who can be contacted by filling in a report form.  

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