Friday, September 28, 2012

New plans from Persimmon

This month, Persimmon have started discussions about some new plans for Old Sarum.

The Residents' Association agreed to distribute leaflets of the proposals to the residents of Old Sarum. We received payment for this, but don't support the contents of the leaflet. The payment will help to defray costs of running the Residents' Association.

The map from this leaflet can be found here.

Some of these plans are detailing items that have long been agreed, and were described in the Section 106 document (an agreement between the Council and Persimmon) from several years ago.

Others go beyond what was agreed, adding extra houses and removing open space.

Over the next few days I'll summarise the plans, and what they mean for us as a community.

On Monday and Tuesday (24th and 25th September) evening, Persimmon held presentations of the new plans in Old Sarum Primary School. Then, yesterday evening, the Residents' Association held an open meeting for the residents to tell us what they thought.

Please keep your thoughts coming to us, at for general discussion, or for issues you want the Residents' Association committee to look at.

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