Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Planning update on Area 9a/9b and Local Centre

Two of Persimmon’s planning applications, one for shops with flats above (Local Centre), and one for 40 houses (Area 9a/9b), went before the Wiltshire Council planning board on 5th September. Both were recommended for approval. I attended the meeting, along with Residents' Association committee members Matt Pallas, Sally Pryke, John Bryant and Penny Joyce, as well as other residents, to make the voice of the community heard. 

For Area 9a/9b, I spoke against approval, as it would increase the number of homes in the new development above the agreed 630, stretching our resources. Though it would release additional funding for facilities, that money wouldn't increase the width of our existing roads, or the size of the school. The committee considered the arguments on both sides and made the decision to REJECT the application. Persimmon have the right to appeal.

As the most frequently asked question of the Residents’ Association is “when will we get a shop?” our formal position was to support the application for the Local Centre. It is true that the flats would increase housing numbers, and that three storey buildings in this location would overshadow the school. These aspects are not ideal for Old Sarum. However we have all been waiting for so long for shops that further delay would be painful for all of us. The committee’s decision was to APPROVE this planning application, with restrictions on the opening hours and delivery times of retail units. There is also the condition that building work must commence within one year of this approval. 

Latest update, see Ian McLennan's comment here.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Request from our neighbours across the parish

Residents of Old Sarum have had plenty of fights on our hands to make sure developers give us a well-designed and pleasant community to live in. Wiltshire Councillors Ian McLennan and Bill Moss have asked if we can show solidarity with our neighbours over in Bishopdown Farm, Hampton Park and Ford in their current fight:

HAMPTON PARK 2 – Barratt’s 500 House Development

An important message from your Elected Representatives

We need you, on behalf of our communities, to join the fight for a 
school in the right place and a wider Greenspace gap

Click here for full details

Thursday, June 20, 2013

What does the committee do?

The Residents’ Association has vacancies on the committee. Committee members are voted in at the AGM, after handing in a completed nomination form (available here shortly). Each committee member serves for 12 months, and then has the opportunity to either renew membership at the next AGM, or to step down. The only qualification for joining the committee is that you live in Old Sarum.

But what do we do on the committee?

We are involved in:

  • Steering the future of the estate, including involvement in consultations about planning and projects like shops and the new Community Building.
  • Liaising with Wiltshire Council, the Parish Council, Neighbourhood Watch and the Police on current matters of concern.
  • Communicating with other organisations about specific issues such as road safety and parking.
  • Answering emails from residents and taking practical steps to resolve their issues.
  • Working to keep all residents in touch by putting up posters and delivering flyers when urgent news needs to be shared.
  • Setting up Open Meetings to get feedback on big questions from the whole community and talking to our neighbours to find out their concerns.
  • Meeting once a month as a committee to report on progress and keep everything moving forward.

We need people with a little bit of time to give, who care about making life better for everyone in Old Sarum.

Not everyone can contribute to all areas, but “many hands make light work” so if it sounds interesting or worthwhile, please consider joining us. 

If you have questions about joining the committee, please email contact@osres.org or call John on 01722410157

Notice of AGM

Old Sarum Residents’ Association
Annual General Meeting
Residents’ Open Meeting

8pm on Thursday 11th July
at Old Sarum School

There are vacancies on the Committee which we need to fill. 

Nomination forms available here, and will be enclosed in your next copy of the Old Sarum Newsletter.

EVERYONE who lives in Old Sarum is very welcome!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Dog fouling

We've had information about an increase in dog fouling in parts of Old Sarum, both on open areas such as the new Country Park, and on people's front lawns.
It is an offence for a dog owner not to immediately clear up after their dog has fouled in most open areas. Dog faeces left on the ground is not only unsightly and anti-social, but also a potential health risk to young children.
Dog owners should bag the faeces and either take it home or place it in a litter bin. Old Sarum has no special bins for dog faeces, but as long as the faeces has been bagged it can be placed in normal litter bins.
The Residents' Association will be pursuing getting signs put up around the estate to remind dog owners to clean up after their pets. If you know of any areas that are particularly problematic for fouling, do get in touch with us to help us put signs in the most effective places.
The enforcement of dog fouling is part of the role of Wiltshire Council's Dog Warden, and you can report instances to them on 0300 456 0100. Responsibility for cleaning up the mess falls to their Street Care Team, who can be contacted by filling in a report form.  

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Planning drop-in session

The drop-in session this evening (Tuesday 22nd January) will still be running despite the snow, but please use your own judgement as to whether it's safe for you to get there and back.

7 - 9pm at the Community Rooms, 9 Partridge Way.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Planning proposals - now is the time to comment!

Planning proposals from Persimmon Homes have been received by Wiltshire Council over the festive period. Due to the way the planning website works, we have only just become aware that some of these proposals are open for comment. We apologise therefore that we have not informed residents of Old Sarum sooner.

If you are close enough to one of the sites to be classed as a 'neighbour', you may have received notice via a letter to your home.

At this time we would like to make sure links are available from our website to take you directly to the documentation relating to each application - see below.

We will endeavour to update the website very soon with short reminders of good and bad aspects of the proposals.

The Residents' Association spoke to you all at the open meeting in September about what we should say in our collective response. We will check the proposals very carefully to make sure the responses are still comprehensive, and then submit our comments. We wish to give an idea to the planners of the general feeling in Old Sarum towards each planning application, but realise we cannot voice the opinion of every individual or household. It is therefore really important that you also make your own response to the applications.

The areas below are shown on a map here.

MOD Land (See S/2012/1679)
The public consultation period for this application closed on 3rd January 2013.
The Residents' Association response can be viewed here.

Areas 9A and 9B (See S/2012/1778)
Public consultation ends on 31st January 2013. Submit your comments here.

Local Centre (See S/2012/1829)
Public consultation ends on 31st January 2013. Submit your comment here.

Area 10 (See S/2012/1834)
Public consultation ends on 7th February 2013. Submit your comments here.

Area 11 (See S/2012/1835)
Public consultation ends on 7th February 2013. Submit your comments here.

Area 12 (See S/2012/1836)
Public consultation ends on 7th February 2013. Submit your comments here.